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The era of battles in the arenas for the amusement of wealthy spectators came to an end. Now it’s our time! It’s time this fat that we’re not slaves for fun and people with the same rights as every person in this world! Join the resistance! Cast off the shackles and fight instead of us in the future!
Sector Fire — a new online space shooter who opens up the alternative future. The world is a continuation of the events of gladiatorial space battles in unique arenas. But some of the gladiators decided to raise a rebellion and rose against the corporations who were engaged in the organization gladiatorial combat. Eventually, a riot broke outside one Gladiator base and covered most of the known world, where regular troops come into conflict with rebel groups.

Players will enjoy a colorful world where merged into one tradition, classic and novelty, that gives the place as veterans of gladiatorial battles that can recall the past and new players who are just discovering this fascinating world.

The project is created for mobile devices in Unity3D and will be available on PC and possibly mobile devices.

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